T-mobile 丢失补卡 Lost a sim card

发表于 2019-06-16   |   分类于 Other

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I used to be able to do a SIM swap online without calling customer care. It seems that's no longer possible*. You just need to get a replacement SIM and call customer service at 1(800)937-8997. You could go to a T-Mobile store and get this done. You can order a SIM-only online.

*This is unfortunate because I carry a spare SIM when traveling and if my phone was lost or stolen, I could do the SIM swap online by myself. Now, I have to be sure to have the setup to make a voice call, which can be expensive if abroad.


你先买一张新卡,然后给TMO的客服打电话,1(800)937-8997 让他们帮你把号码转移去新卡上面即可。

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